What To Do Post-FCPX Purchase

FCP X is fast becoming the new most popular video editing software out there. It is one of the most fun to use and the easiest to learn. When the methods for using it have been mastered and perfected, it is also one of the fastest and most comprehensive. Right after you buy the software and install it, you are going to be looking for ways to better take advantage of all the features that it has to offer. There are many tutorials out there for new people to the video editing game and to the software in particular. All you have to do is check out the right set. In addition to this, there are a few things that you probably should do when you have installed the

software, just to be sure that you are tapping into the full potential of the program and all of its functions.

Get Additional Content
Motion and Compressor are additional software that complement the base FCP X software. They aren’t cheap, and are $50 each, but they are definitely worth every cent. While some sites offer add on options and free FCPX effects that are pretty darn useful, there is nothing like using the officially licensed add-ons. Motion is the way in which titles can be built from scratch, as can epic animations and transition effects. Compressor is a way in which new copies of the deliverable items in the software can be made. If you are running all of the software and the addons as they were meant to be used, you have one other task. Get on the App Store immediately after having installed everything and check for updates. Apple releases the update to their latest iteration of the software regularly, and you need to make sure that you are harnessing every bit of it.

Read the white paper and the manual
When FCP7 was updated to final cut pro x generators free Apple made sure that everyone who had been using the old software had a relatively smooth transition into the big leagues. There are sites that offer many plugins and free FCPX effects and tutorials to ease the move to the newer version of the software as well. However, the manual has now been taken down by Apple. It can still be downloaded from other sources. In addition to this, there are many useful publications out there that are pretty cheap and will allow you to master the art of using this software. Take advantage of all the resources that are available to you and you will be absolutely fine.